A comprehensive set of useful and semi-universal UX copywriting and style guidelines and examples to reference while designing and building products and interfaces.

Use these guidelines to:

  • Create consistency and deliver a usable, predictable, and on-brand experience.
  • Empower your team to make easier for anyone to write clear, effective, and useful content.
  • Drive positive change in language standards to create compassionate, inclusive, and respectful products.

Fictional product: Foreword

To provide realistic and useful examples throughout the guidelines, the language guidelines are built to support a fictional product called Foreword—a platform for people to ask for and share recommendations for books to read, based on shared reading history. All examples use this fictional product as a basis.

Adapt and reuse for your own product

These guidelines are available under an MIT license for adaptation and reuse for your own product. Find out more and get the framework on GitHub: Product Language Framework.

Created by Quinn Keast. View on GitHub.